Motorola 21-52612-01r

21-52612-01R LS3408ER Forklift Holster (new)

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Symbol 21-52612-01R, holster mount for Symbol / Motorola LS3408ER-20005 fork list holster. P460 P360 P470 , LS3408, LS3478 forklift holster.



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Product Description

21-52612-01R, Rugged scanner holder (can be mounted on forklift).

This holder was designed specifically for use with all Phaser industrial scanners in forklift applications. It can be mounted on the forklift in a number of different ways and two adjustable joints allow the user to position the holder in the most ergonomic way.

We also carry The Symbol MC9090 handhelds and the Motorola VC5090.

All of our products carry a 90 day warranty.

Motorola 21-52612-01r