Motorola CRD9000 serial cradle |

Motorola CRD9000 serial cradle


Motorola CRD9000 , Single slot charging and communications cradle for MC9090/MC9097/MC9000/MC9060/MC9190-G with spare battery charging.

The Symbol CRD9000-1000sr single bay charger , is for all of the MC9000 series guns including the MC9090, MC9003, MC9060, MC9094, MC9050, MC9000.


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Motorola CRD9000, CRD9000-1001sr,

Includes 90 day warranty and power supply.

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RS-232 or USB Comm Cable, Power supply with DC Line Cord (Part# 50-14000-148R) and AC line cord (Part# 23844-00-00R). and USB Cable (25-64396-01R),


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