Motorola / Symbol MC9090-GJ0HJFFA6WR |

Motorola / Symbol MC9090-GJ0HJFFA6WR

$999.00 $699.00

Motorola MC9090-GJ0HJFFA6WR – MC9090

MC9090-GJ0HJFFA6WR – Symbol MC9090-G – Gun, 802.11a/b/g, Lorax, Color, 64/128MB, 43 key, Windows Mobile 5.0.0, Audio/Voice/Bluetooth

The MC9090-G mobile computer maximizes mobile worker productivity by providing a flexible, always-on connection to the network. The MC9090-G provides the most advanced mobile OS available with a choice of a familiar Windows platform or an application-specific environment. Additionally, it supports a variety of multimedia applications and its Intel 624 MHz enhanced memory ensures retention of mission-critical data. The Bluetooth option allows users to wirelessly synch and print. The MC9090-G’s durable construction, which passed strict drop and tumble tests, dramatically reduces repair and downtime costs while its 3.8″ screen makes it easy to read. The pistol grip allows for comfortable and efficient use in a variety of applications such as manufacturing, delivery and retail floors.



Motorola / Symbol MC9090-GJ0HJFFA6WR

Full satisfaction guarantee on all gear when you visit the “House”

  • Also Includes : Battery  / back up battery / Tethered Stylus  / Hand-Strap
  • Warranty: 90 day Workmanship Defect Warranty.  Free pro technical support with purchase.
  • Parts Replacement – Each unit receives New Internal Backup Battery, Touch-Screen, etc.
  • Testing done on unit: 802.11 Wifi Radio, bluetooth radio card, Scanner function, Keyboard function, Touch-Screen test, OS Platform, SD Card Slot, Communication and Charging Pins. Cosmetically showing Minimal signs of wear on plastics / casings. Staged to Factory Default settings. Loaded with latest platform firmware and wifi windows drivers.
  • Support – All equipment is backed by Barcode House’s help desk, professional technical support is an added bonus for you and your team




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