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PPT8846-R3BZ10WW – Symbol


  • PPT8846-R3BZ10WW
  • Symbol PPT 8800 Wireless with Windows Mobile 2003  Symbol PPT 8846 Wireless PDA with Windows Mobile 2003 Software (Spectrum24 11 Mbps, SE 800 HP Proton scan engine with linear RSS Support, 320 x 240 3.5 Inch 1/4 VGA Color, 64MB RAM, 64MB ROM, 15-Key Alpha Function Numeric Keypad and WorldWide)

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  • PPT8846-R3BZ10WW
  • Also Includes : Battery  / Tethered Stylus  / Hand-Strap
  • Warranty: 90 day Workmanship Defect Warranty.  Free pro technical support with purchase.
  • Parts Replacement – Each unit receives New Internal Backup Battery, Touch-Screen, etc.
  • Testing done on unit: 802.11 Wifi Radio, Scanner function, Keyboard function, Touch-Screen test, OS Platform, SD Card Slot, Communication and Charging Pins. Cosmetically showing Minimal signs of wear on plastics / casings. Staged to Factory Default settings. Loaded with latest platform firmware and wifi windows drivers.
  • Support – All equipment is backed by Barcode House’s on-call, pro technical support as an added bonus for you and your team

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