Motorola MC9090 windows mobile 5.0 -

Motorola MC9090 windows mobile 5.0


[Professionally Rebuilt, Inspected, Shipped and Guaranteed]

Motorola Symbol MC9090 with latest and greatest firmware, new battery, 6 month warranty and tech support.

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[Professionally Rebuilt, Inspected, Shipped and Guaranteed]

Motorola Symbol MC9090 with latest and greatest firmware, new battery, 6 month warranty and tech support.

Full satisfaction guarantee on all items purchased.

  • Includes : New Batteries  / back up battery test and replace / Tethered Stylus  / Hand-Straps
  • Warranty: 6 month Craftsmanship Defect Warranty.  Free pro technical support and professional packaging.
  • Parts Replacement – Each unit receives New Internal Backup Battery, Touch-Screen, and any other parts needing replacement.
  • Hardware and software testing done on unit:    Wi Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n Radio, Bluetooth radio card, Scanner function, Keyboard function, Touch-Screen test, OS Platform, SD Card Slot, Communication and Charging Pins. Cosmetically showing Minimal signs of wear on plastics / casings. Staged to Factory Default settings. Loaded with latest platform firmware and wifi windows drivers.
  • Support – All equipment is backed by Barcode House’s help desk, professional technical support is an added bonus for you and your team.

Battery Warranty:

Barcode House batteries are guaranteed to be compatible with the original equipment manufactured by the OEM’s. These high-performance batteries are designed to be heavy duty like the bar-code scanners they power.

Our batteries are manufactured in state-of-the-art ISO 9001 certified facilities to ensure quality and reliable performance. We use only the grade ‘A’ highest quality cells from Japan, and our rugged batteries are encased in high impact plastic for durability.

Better than OEM.

Our barcode scanner batteries are guaranteed to maintain at least 80% of their rated capacity for 12 months from the shipment date. They are tested during production to make sure they are at least as good or better than the original equipment manufacturer’s batteries for fit, quality and workmanship. Prior to production our battery designs and components were tested for mechanical shock, vibration, thermal cycling, high altitude performance, external short circuiting and overcharging. These quality assurance procedures ensure the production of reliable barcode scanner batteries with high performing discharge rates that meet or exceed the original equipment batteries.

battery warranty: 1-Year Warranty, and 30-Day %100 Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee for full refund of hardware. (does not include water damage, crushed batteries or abused batteries)

We Guarantee that the quality and craftsmanship of our replacement batteries will meet or exceed the performance of the original OEM battery.  All of our batteries use Japanese cells, are date stamped and are backed by a one year limited warranty from date of purchase.  This guarantee is also extended to the cells so that they maintain a minimum of 80% of their rated capacity for 12 months.

We can ship worldwide from our fully IATA licensed shipping staff for li-ion battery shipments.


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