Motorola Symbol VC5090-MA0QM0GH6WR |

Motorola Symbol VC5090-MA0QM0GH6WR



Full satisfaction guarantee on all gear when you visit the “House”

  • Also Includes : Battery  / back up battery / Tethered Stylus  / Hand-Strap
  • Warranty: 90 day Workmanship Defect Warranty.  Free pro technical support with purchase.
  • Parts Replacement – Each unit receives New Internal Backup Battery, Touch-Screen, etc.
  • Testing done on unit: 802.11 Wifi Radio, bluetooth radio card, Scanner function, Keyboard function, Touch-Screen test, OS Platform, SD Card Slot, Communication and Charging Pins. Cosmetically showing Minimal signs of wear on plastics / casings. Staged to Factory Default settings. Loaded with latest platform firmware and wifi windows drivers.
  • Support – All equipment is backed by Barcode House’s help desk, professional technical support is an added bonus for you and your team


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VC5090-MA0QM0GH6WR – For electric Forklifts set to factory defaults. VC5090, Windows CE 5.0 Professional, 128MB Sdram/192MB Flash, Wireless, QWERTY, 65 key With Tactile Feedback and Audible Key Beep, Heated and Sealed, Function Keys F1-F24, Full Screen: Color 12.1 In. SVGA 800×600, Intel Xscale Pxa270 @ 624 MHz.


Forklift mounted terminal.

Additional information

Model Number

Operating System

Windows CE 5.0 Professional


128MB Sdram/192MB Flash


Full Screen: Color 12.1 In. SVGA 800×600

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