Is your barcode hardware failing or working poorly ?

We can help with quick and cost-effective in-house repairs. Our average turn around time is 3-5 days. Once in our portal, You can request RMA’s online, ask your sales rep about your repair(s) status and even talk to the technicians that handle your repairs.

We offer quarterly and annual contract repairs as well as flat rate repairs. If we need to do something custom we are flexible.

Barcode-House has a repair solution that works for you!

✓ Fast turn around
✓ Manufacturer trained bench techs
✓ Customized plans
✓ Thousands of repairs done yearly since 1996
✓ Flat rate repairs
✓ All repairs include a 6 month warranty
✓ Monthly, quarterly, and yearly billing available
✓ Track repairs in real-time online
✓ Enter your own service requests to receive RMA’s in minutes


Flat Rate Repairs

If you choose our flat rate repair plan you will receive guaranteed pricing on your repairs. for example $279 per unit.    Our flat rate turn around time averages less than three to five business days.  We guarantee turn-around in 7 days or less.

Depot Repair

Barcode-House has a Depot service provides direct support to your end users by handling service requests and immediately dispatching replacement units to the field. This minimizes down time by reducing the need for in-house support.
Spare Pool Management
We’ll maintain a pool of spare devices according to the terms of your maintenance agreement. We offer a range of spares pooling options, with guaranteed turn-around times to match. Choose between same day ground, 2nd day or overnight shipping. Typically spare pools range between 2.5% and 10% of your total fleet. We’ll help you decide how large your spares pool needs to be.
Maintenance Contracts
For maintenance contracts we take down all of the serial numbers of your units and charge you a fee each month for each serial number say for example $8 per unit per month.  you pay the fee for all serial numbers and send whichever units needing repair in as you wish.  *
Time & Materials Service
When you need your equipment repaired quickly for a reasonable price, you need Barcode-House service. We will evaluate your equipment upon receipt and provide a price quote prior to performing any work. You’ll have your equipment repaired and returned within days, not weeks and you will be able to track the status of your repair online. All repairs include a 90-day warranty.

Free Tech Support
We offer free tech support call 1-888-655-7226 one of our techs is available to work with you on any problems you are having. Features Covered:

Torn or worn keypad
Lines or cracked display
Cracked or broken triggers
Cracked touchscreen/ digitizer
Broken housings
Cracked windows displays
other misc damages

Repair Exclusions:

* Excluding Fire, Water-Liquid damage, Forklift run over and Extreme Abuse