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Save a ton on used, refurbished and surplus new Symbol (Motorola) , Intermec and Zebra barcode scanners computers and printers

Save money and get a personalized sales rep that can keep you and your organization going in most manufacturer’s end of life or out of date barcode scanners, printers, hand held computers, PDA’s and more !  Basically if you are using any kind of used barcode equipment two years old or more we should be talking.  Our warehouses are jam packed with equipment if you don’t see what you need on our site then just inquire we are friendly and knowledgeable with a ton of resources give us a try, we also have 15 bench techs with manufacturer training and tons of experience.


We work and sell the following Symbol (Motorola), Intermec and Zebra technologies equipment:

Zebra Encore 2 printer, Zebra Encore 3 printer, Zebra QL220 plus direct thermal mobile label printers, Zebra QL320 plus direct thermal mobile, label printers, Zebra QL420 plus direct thermal mobile label printers, Zebra 105se, Zebra Z4M, Zebra RW420

Symbol (Motorola) MC5574 hand held computer, Symbol (Motorola) MC5590 hand held computer, Symbol (Motorola) MC9000 hand held computer, Symbol (Motorola) MC9060 hand held computer, Symbol (Motorola) MC9090 hand held computer, Symbol (Motorola) MC9003 hand held computer, Symbol (Motorola) MC3000, Symbol (Motorola) MC3090, Symbol (Motorola) MC50, Symbol (Motorola) MC5040, Symbol  (Motorola) VC5090, Symbol (Motorola) WT4070, Symbol (Motorola) MC3070, Symbol (Motorola) WT4090, Symbol (Motorola) MC3574, Symbol (Motorola) ES400, Symbol (Motorola) MC7090, Symbol (Motorola) MC7094, Symbol (Motorola) MC7095, Symbol (Motorola) MC70, Symbol (Motorola) MC7004, Symbol (Motorola) MC3090G

Call or e-mail we are responsive and always around.


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